TeenSTAR Program

Results to date
In 2014, virginity was maintained by 97-99% of participants. 40-50% of previously sexually active females and 30-50% of previously sexually active males discontinued sexual activity.

Curricula *
Primary and secondary prevention of teen pregnancy and STD's by the most effective and least expensive method - maintenance, or facilitating a return to, abstinent behavior.

Developmentally appropriate for:
1. Junior high: ages 13-14 (two semesters) **
2. High school: ages 14-15 (two semesters) **
3. College: Holistic Sexuality (a one semester college-level program, single sex or mixed)
4. Teen Parent Programs (secondary prevention)

* Specific religious objectives may be added at the discretion of the site provider.
** Anatomy and physiology taught separately to males and females

Teachers must be trained to deliver the developmental, self-discovery programs.

1. Parental consent for minors
2. Voluntary participation

1. Class Work
2. Individual interviews
3. Monitoring of behavioral outcomes by anonymous questionnaires


Read more: Undergirding Abstinence Within a Sexuality Education Program (Oct. 2001; corr. 2004)

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